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on 03 Nov 2017
We finally updated the list, which was delayed due to ongoing repairs and stock reorganization due to hurricane Irma. As...
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WELCOME to Miranda Orchids

Continuing our goal of offering the best in Brazilian species mainly in the Cattleya alliance, here you will find the best available and imported from Brazil together with what is produce from our extensive collection in Florida and elsewhere high-quality cattleyas are propagated.

This new site was created to ease the experience in obtaining these plants and more functionality will be added in time. For that purpose, we implemented a fully functional shopping cart. The old site had a lot of information related to Brazilian orchids and this info is likely to become available later on this site or elsewhere.

Besides the plants themselves, our presentations page is now directly linked so this information is also readily available.

The way to navigate this site is simple. The different subject pages are linked on the horizontal bar under the banner, and the plant lists are linked on the left vertical panel under the shopping cart icon. The list pages themselves span multiple pages whenever the case instead of a single long scroll list. There are also links to all pages at the bottom of every page.

Long-term visitors will notice that, although the site is completely new, much of the look of the old one has been maintained. This way, those visitors will have a very easy navigation experience.

Thanks for taking your time visiting us, and any questions or comments just send us an e-mail.

Make sure to check our Blog Posts, where the site news are placed. You can access our Blog with clicking on the image above or individual Blog posts placed on the left sidebar just under the price list. To get to the individual blog messages, click on the link title just after the post date.

Scheduled Events

Lectures - January 2, 2019 - Venice Area Orchid Society - Venice, FL.
- January 6, 2019 - Tidewater Orchid Society - Norfolk, VA.
- February 12, 2019 - Midlakes Orchid Society - Leesburg, FL.
- February 26, 2019 - East Everglades Orchid Society - Homestead, FL.
- March 5, 2019 - Orchid Society of Coral Gables - Coral Gables, FL.
- September 3, 2019 - St. Augustine Orchid Society - St. Augustine, FL.
- September 8, 2019 - Triad Orchid Society - Colfax, NC.
- September 9, 2019 - Triangle Orchid Society - Durham, NC.
- September 10, 2019 - Sandhills Orchid Society - Fayetteville, NC.
- September 11, 2019 - Cape Fear Orchid Society - Wilmington, NC.
Orchid Shows - February 2-3, 2019 - Venice Area Orchid Show - Venice, FL.
- March 2-3, 2019 - TBOS Show - Tampa, FL.
- April 5-7, 2019 - SEPOS Show - Oaks, PA.
- May 17-19 - Redland Orchid Festival, Homestead. FL.


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